ULT stands for Universial Language Translator - a platform to translate spoken words back-and-forth for every language on this planet. The vision does not stop there - the idea is to grow this idea to mimic the translations to your own voice, making conversations even more natural. 

The patented idea was started by Entrepreneur Reginald who worked on his idea and prototypes for years. He eventually reached ot to Telekom and got in touch with UQBATE. With a UQBATE Scholarship for Telekom Employee Markus, who turned out to be passionate about helping Reginald with realizing his idea, the Startup got up to speed and i.e. finalized another prototype which you can download both for android and iOS ;-). Learn more about ULT here: http://ult-speaks.com/

About ULT:

Launched in 2011, UQBATE is a Three-Month-Accelerator of Telekom Open Spaces. UQBATE is the open platform for Telekom’s corporate entrepreneurs to realize their idea. We develop innovations for Telekom and foster the entrepreneurial culture of our company. We know that entrepreneurship is what truly drives innovation, and we believe that Deutsche Telekom’s employees are best when they are allowed to do what they love. UQBATE is designed to empower Telekom’s entrepreneurs to move fast and take decisions along customer’s needs in the first place.



Rafael S. Schimanski | Deutsche Telekom AG | Digitalvermarktung & Innovationen bei Universal Language Translator | Moderation


T-Online-Allee 1 • 64295 Darmstadt

tel +49 6151 5838231  mobile 0151 24 200 500  fax 03212 12 24 662

website: http://ult-speaks.com/

email: digital@ULT-speaks.com